Our skills

Based on the results of studies and research and on the actions carried out in terms of standardization and regulations, FCBA experts, recognized at the national and international levels, are committed to supporting companies in their projects to create, improve, and validate products or processes.

Skills to serve the sectors

These actions include testing, technical support, expertise, product design, quality certification, technology monitoring and professional training.

FCBA thus promotes its multiple skills to the market leader manufacturers, the numerous SME-SMIs in the sector and the craftsmen who are very present in the forestry-wood and furniture sectors. Regulatory changes lead the Institute to intervene in the fields of safety, ergonomics, design, environmental protection, product life span, recycling, etc.

Working with the sectors on collective actions

FCBA participates in the development of sectors of activity through various collective and transversal actions:

Studies and research

Are the vectors of technological innovation, and are organised at FCBA according to scientific axes (fields of expertise) and the priorities defined in the performance contract.


Is a vital instrument for ensuring the development of businesses and trade. The BNBA - Bureau de Normalisation Bois et Ameublement - leads and co-ordinates the standardisation of wood and wood-based products and furniture, whatever the materials used.

The information

Provides the profession with the means to monitor and, above all, anticipate technological progress and market trends, all of which facilitate strategic decision-making. FCBA contributes to the positioning of products and companies in the forestry-wood and furniture sectors on increasingly competitive markets, particularly through shared economic intelligence.

And also through private services

Design and innovation support

It is aimed at companies in the 1st and 2nd stages of processing as well as at specifiers. In particular, FCBA assists construction companies in designing and building with wood. FCBA is also involved in product design and more particularly in the field of innovation, through the INNOVATHEQUE resource center

The training

The mission of the training courses is to help companies to concretely integrate technological innovations and thus benefit from the results of research and development work


FCBA intervenes to evaluate the conformity and performance of a product or a process in relation to a standardisation or a specification for a given use. The tests make it possible to verify that the product’s performance complies with the requirements of the quality mark


FCBA is a certifying body in the regulatory field (CE marking/RPC) and voluntary, and issues certifications under the CTB mark (which has been in existence for more than 65 years) and, by mandate from AFNOR Certification, the NF mark. FCBA is also a certifying body that intervenes on behalf of certifications or labels belonging to other organisations (PEFC, FSC, Bois français (now Bois de France), Origine France Garantie, Bois des Alpes, IG Sièges de Liffol…). To date, FCBA manages 36 quality marks and issues more than 3,500 certificates to about 1,800 companies.


Expert advice

In the event of a claim or dispute, FCBA can act as a sapiteur to an insurance or legal expert. (The sapiteur is a specialist in a very specific field who will provide the legal expert with knowledge that is outside his competence)