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The Bureau de Normalisation du Bois et de l'Ameublement (BNBA), which is part of FCBA, leads and coordinates the standardisation work for wood, wood products and furniture. AFNOR delegates to the BNBA its role of national representative for the majority of the sectors of activity of the wood and furniture sectors. The documents available on the site cover all areas of activity related to FCBA, at national (NF), European (CEN) and international (ISO) levels.

Standardisation in the building sector

Historically, the standards meeting the needs of the building industry are mainly developed by four sectoral standards offices, operating under delegation from AFNOR. They work together in particular within the framework of the Coordination Group for Building Standards (GCNorBât-DTU):

Other sectoral standardisation offices or AFNOR, in its similar activity, actively contribute to standardisation to cover all areas of the Construction sector.


Status Reports/Program


 10/04/2024DTU 41.2 Bardages bois
 11/04/2024BF 035 Durabilité
15/04/2024TC 124 WG 7
17/04/2024DTU 51.4 Platelages
 22/04/2024DTU 51.12 Revêtements stratifiés
24/04/2024AF 041 Cercueils
 24/04/2024TC 112/WG7 Produits semi-finis et finis

DTU 31-2 Bâtiment Ossature bois


TC 175 Bois ronds bois sciés + WG5


BF 006 Parquets


BF 026 Panneaux à base de bois


TC 124 WG 7


TC 207 WG Puériculture + enfance

 28 et 29/05/2024

TC 124 et WG 2 Structure

28 et 29/05/2024

TC 124 WG 7

 10 et 11/06/2024

TC 175 Bois ronds bois sciés + WG5


DTU 41.2 Bardages bois


TC 124 WG 7


DTU 31-2 Bâtiment Ossature bois

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