Windows and patio-doors, the tools of your success!

Windows and patio-doors, the tools of your success!
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Wood Construction
As manufacturers of timber and mixed wood-aluminium windows and French doors, the design and performance of your products are the keys to your success.

You need to

  • Design a new range of joinery or even validate an existing range while mastering the various technical options: wood species, corner assembly, thermal insulation, etc.
  • Meet the demands of the market, which requires proof of performance and assessments of compliance with current standards
  • A step towards the Fenêtres Bois 21 label or NF Fenêtres Bois et Portes Extérieures certification.

We can support you by producing an FCBA Fenêtre Technical File, which is a genuine programme for characterising your product range through :

  • A design audit of your range and your quality system
  • Comprehensive tests : AEV, mechanical, acoustic, endurance,
  • Thermal calculations

The technical file is in itself a recognised document, which, in addition to proving performance, makes it possible to adopt a quality approach to both the product and the process.

With over 20 years‘ experience in this field, we have already produced 150 technical files for some sixty manufacturers.

If you would like to go further and have the tools to eco-design and optimise your range with a view to the future RE2020, our “virtual classroom” training course is for you:

To find out more :

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> Training: Windows and exterior doors in wood and mixed wood and aluminium: design, manufacture and performance

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