CTB Composants & Systèmes Bois

This certification attests to the technical characteristics, performance and suitability for use of components and systems for timber structures:
  • Timber frame walls and associated products
  • Panels for construction
  • Glued products for structural use
  • Joints and connections
  • Composite products for frameworks – roofs – floors
  • Industrial frameworks
  • Wood construction systems.
The benefits of certification for the industry

FCBA’s collaboration with professionals through CTB Composants & Systèmes bois allows :

  • Continuous improvement and the enhancement of the competence of companies and employees;
  • To benefit from a normative and technological watch through the regular interventions of FCBA staff and through communications and information to the holders;
  • To reinforce the company’s image both externally and internally;
  • To reassure its customers, to stand out, to reduce the after-sales service;
  • To become a reference company.


The benefits of certification for the market

Certification enables specifiers, builders and users to make the right choice. It is a recognised sign of quality, distinguishing the product and the company that manufactures it. Users are assured of a product that has been well designed in accordance with the regulations in force.
The main guarantees that this approach brings to the market are

  • The design complies with the requirements and DTU;
  • The products delivered are of good quality;
  • Implementation is facilitated by the quality of the installation plans and accompanying documentation


Certified characteristics

CTB-Finition Bois certifies :

The control by the FCBA certification body allows to verify the constancy of the performance in the quality and the conformity of the products.
The FCBA auditors carry out two audits per year, during which samples are taken for mechanical tests, but also calculation notes are taken, which allow the quality of the design and the process of the manufacturer to be evaluated up to the implementation, by certifying:

  • The design ;
  • The suitability for use;
  • The quality of manufacture;
  • Mechanical performance;
  • The quality of the documentation accompanying the product