Eurocode 5 Webinar – November 8th

Eurocode 5 Webinar – November 8th
Date Le 21.10.2022
The EC5 platform offers you this webinar, co-hosted by IBC and FCBA, on Tuesday 8 November at 2pm.

The “Eurocode 5 platform” project, financed by CODIFAB, has been in existence since 2012 in order to promote the appropriation and use of the Eurocodes and to provide information to the actors of the timber construction sector.

After the success of the 1st webinar in early July, which gathered more than 350 participants and more than 500 registrants, the EC5 platform proposes a 2nd webinar.

Tuesday 8 November from 2pm to 4.30pm

This webinar is co-hosted by FCBA and IBC:

Part 1: (2pm – 3pm)

  • News & Introduction
  • Focus on the New EC1: presentation of the evolutions, formal survey, sector positioning
  • State of play of the new EC5 :
    • Introduction
    • Comparison old / new 1995-1-1: Part 2/2

Second part: (15.15 – 16.30)

  • Perpendicular compression in the new EC5
  • I-beams and buckling justification
  • Aurélien Brousse and Benoît Jacquemin of IBC
  • Christophe Merz and Maxime Fiabane of FCBA
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