Exoskeleton at Work Webinar

Exoskeleton at Work Webinar
Date Le 29.06.2022
This webinar presents the results of two experiments carried out by FCBA on the use of exoskeletons in furniture companies and for forestry maintenance work.

29 June at 10.30 am

This webinar presents the feedback from two experiments carried out by the FCBA on the subject of exoskeletons.

  • The first one was carried out with the support of CODIFAB in order to test the relevance of the use of exoskeletons in the furniture manufacturing sector. Which exoskeletons are interesting for the sector? Under what conditions? For whom? How can they be used? The “Exostart” study was created to answer these questions.
  • The second is a study of an exoskeleton model developed with the manufacturer EXHAUSS for forestry maintenance work, following 3 years of development. The exoskeleton has been tested on several users and will soon be marketed.  


  • Challenges for the forest, wood and furniture industries
  • Presentation of exoskeletons
  • Retour d’expérience dans l’ameublement
    • Methodology
    • Presentation of the 4 models of exoskeletons used
    • Results
  • Feedback from the furniture industry
    • Presentation of the approach
    • Presentation of the exoskeleton developed
    • First feedback
  • Questions / Answers

Speakers :

  • Clarine Lenormand, Consultant in product ergonomics at FCBA
  • Marin Chaumet, Research Engineer at FCBA

Participation is free but registration is required.


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