Good practice guides for spraying and compressed air

Good practice guides for spraying and compressed air
FCBA has produced, with the support of CODIFAB, 2 practical guides on spraying and compressed air. These guides were written in partnership with Anest Iwata, Air vide services, Carlisle Fluid Technologies, Graco, KAESER COMPRESSEURS France, Krautzberger GmbH , Parker Hannifin, PREVOST SAS, Sames and J. Wagner GmbH.

FCBA and its partners wanted these guides to be a real source of information and good practices for companies and craftsmen in order to help them make the right choice.

“Compressed Air, Filtration and Distribution Networks Guide for VSEs and SMEs

Compressed air is a fluid that must be considered like electricity, gas or water. Its over-consumption directly impacts the user’s margin. Most companies are not aware of the cost of compressed air and bad practices are common. Knowing and applying the best practices adapted to your company (small business or industry) will allow you to reduce your costs. Compressors, networks, filtration, to choose your installation and also its maintenance this guide deals with the essential points.

“Practical Guide to Spray Guns for the Furniture Industry

This guide proposes an inventory of spray equipment. Too often users keep old tools without benefiting from technical developments. This is due to habit or lack of information. In order to spray paint products, we need a system that transports the paint to the gun. The system must be related to the desired application. The surface to be treated must be well defined in order to adapt the necessary tool to it. The attention paid to finishing tools should be equal to that paid to other machining stations, for example. This guide covers the essential points for choosing a gun and also a feeding system that is adequate for the job.

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