CTB groups together certification marks developed by FCBA for specific applications in the forestry-wood and furniture sectors. Created in 1952, the CTB mark continues to accompany the innovation and development of wood-based products.

The CTB brand


Thanks to its expertise in products, FCBA works with industrialists during audits of manufacturing processes to certify the performance and quality of manufactured products. Representative samples of the production are regularly tested in our laboratories.

Our accreditations


FCBA has developed service certifications which attest to the design, manufacturing and implementation skills of a company. This certification guarantees that the service provider’s ethics are respected in the exercise of its mission.

The certification is based on audits in companies and on site.


This certification is aimed at experts in wood pathologies. Their skills and their expert approach according to the NFX 50110 standard are certified after passing an examination followed by an oral examination before a panel of experts. These skills are regularly assessed.

Calling on a certified expert is the assurance of a reliable expertise.

Our areas of intervention




Sawmills, pallets and packaging