Furnishing tests

Mechanical, finishing, fire, materials... Find the tests proposed by our laboratories on everything related to furniture and living space design.

Info COVID-19

Throughout this reconfinement period, our laboratories remain open and our testing activities are maintained.
You can continue to send your test samples to the respective sites.

Mechanical testing

Putting controlled, safe and efficient (safety, solidity, stability, etc.) furniture products on the market.

Checking compliance with a regulation, standard or reference system.

Anticipate the requirements applicable to your furniture product depending on the use and the distribution area.

Guarantee yourself against regulatory requirements by using an approved laboratory.

Know and apply the standards

Our skills


  • Knowledge of standards
  • Requirements applicable
    to a use
  • Practical application of
    of tests


  • Safety
  • Solidity
  • Durability
  • Climate variation
  • Stability
  • Type examination


  • Range and project analysis
  • Definition of product specifications
  • Collection review
  • Support and audit in the creation and monitoring of laboratories
  • Normative and regulatory monitoring

Finishing tests

Evaluate your after-sales risks

Characterise your materials (wood and derivatives, plastics, metal, etc.) and finishes (varnish, lacquer, melamine paper, PVC film, etc.)

Prove the conformity or suitability of your products for a given use

Develop new products

To have test reports recognised in Europe

Work with a finishing laboratory accredited by COFRAC in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard

Our finishing platform

The finishing laboratory includes a 500 m² testing platform. Among other things, we provide you with equipment to test your own finishing. We can assist you in :

  • Move your finishing process towards “clean” products/technologies
  • Reduce your production costs
  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of your coatings
  • Invest in new finishing production tools (UV, Ir, powder…)
  • Carry out full-scale tests without interrupting your production, have a neutral work area
  • Train yourself

Material testing

Characteriseyour products

Prove the conformity or suitability of your productsfor a given use (furniture, bedding, aeronautics, automotive, health, etc.)

Develop new products

Test reports that are passports to Europe

Our skills




  • Training in the performance of tests from simple knowledge to independent practice
  • Knowledge of textile, leather, STR and foam materials
  • Customised training
  • Abrasion, tearing, light, friction, product resistance for covering materials (textile, STR, leather, ticking)
  • Indentation, compression, fatigue for upholstery materials (foam, topping, spring, slat, tip)
  • Compliance with HAS protocol for anti-pressure sore products
  • Durability for mattresses
  • Help in selecting the most suitable materials for your needs
  • Optimisation of product comfort
  • Assistance in drawing up specifications

Fire tests

You want to prove the conformity of your products :

For bedding, childcare articles, puériculture, mattresses and box springs, seats, foams, textiles, …

For France :– Decree 2000-164 of 23 February 2000 – Article U23 (January 2005), AM 18 – Classification M

For Europe : – Seat NF EN 1021-1/2- Mattress NF EN 597-1/2- Bedding: NF EN ISO 12952-1/2

For export : – British regulation (UK) – Californian requirement (US) – BT 116, 117

International Maritime Organisation (IMO) : – Mattresses, bedding, seats: FTP Code 2010 annex 1 parts 8 and 9

Our skills




  • Knowing the materials and their behaviour
  • Tailor-made training
  • Propagation
  • Reaction
  • Ignition
  • Ignitability (cigarettes, flame, wood burning…) on finished products or components
  • Selecting the materials best suited to your needs
  • Securing your products
  • Draw up specifications for your purchases