Biological assessments

In the context of diagnostic or expert missions or in the event of litigation:

Verification and/or identification of wood species (temperate and tropical)

DNA analysis

  • for the traceability of wood
  • materials contaminated by rotting fungi (merula and others)
  • moulds


  • in situ or in the laboratory of damage to wood and other materials used in construction and packaging
  • in situ or in the laboratory of biological agents present in the building and degrading wood (termites, other wood-eating insects, rotting and discolouring fungi)
  • biological pathogens of trees in forest and urban situations


  • of classical pathogens such as Salmonella, Listeria, Aspergillus
  • quantitative determination of insecticides and fungicides in wood treatment products,
Treatment verificationaccording to the targeted use class, treatment search if traceability is not known

Elaboration of rehabilitation prescriptions,

Support for the implementation of rehabilitation works

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the recognised competence of specialists


the performance of our testing facilities


the impartiality and neutrality of our results


our capacity for on-site interventions

On behalf of building experts, legal experts, real estate agencies, diagnosticians, companies specialising in parasitic diagnosis, wood treatment companies, building owners, project managers, architects, design offices, town halls and local authorities, property managers, insurance companies, manufacturers, distributors, importers, individuals….