Wood and biomass resource studies

You wish to: evaluate the implementation of industrial or energy production units that consume biomass plan the development of new products to enhance the value of the resource that can be mobilised at the scale of a supply basin Decide on the direction or leadership of the forest management and wood or biomass mobilisation policy at local, regional or national level.

You are

  • A panel, pulp, sawmill or biomass energy manufacturer;
  • An interprofession of the wood industry;
  • A professional union;
  • A public body involved in the forest-wood-paper-energy sector.

The resource studies give you :

The quantities and qualities of wood that can be mobilised in a given geographical area and over a given period for a wide range of resources (forest, non-forest, wood industry by-products, wood waste, other biomass) ;

The results of several scenarios for sustainable resource management and mobilisation ;
The economic cost of mobilising wood and biomass to the production site, taking into account the social, environmental and logistical constraints of forestry operations ;
All the elements you need to build your development plans on the basis of solid information, enhanced by the expertise of an organisation with 30 years of experience in the field.

These studies are thus an essential tool for you to help you make strategic decisions. decisions you have to make.

Some examples of studies carried out

2016 – Estimation of the availability of wood materials by 2030 (in collaboration with IGN –  ADEME funding)
2019 – Update of the availability of timber in France in 2030 (in collaboration with IGN – Financing FBF and MAA)
2018 – Douglas fir availability in France (France Douglas funding)
2017 – Availability of reclaimed wood (class B waste) for an industrial boiler
2016 – Maritime pine availability in New Aquitaine following the 2009 storm (financed by DRAAF and Conseil régional Nouvelle-Aquitaine)

Why choose FCBA?

The FCBA technological institute relies on 30 years of experience in the field of forestry and other biomass resource studies, as well as on its expertise in the fields of forestry, logging, transport and primary wood processing. FCBA can thus offer its customers the ability to listen and understand their expectations in order to provide them with the appropriate responses to their requests.

The proposed studies cover all wood deposits in and outside forests, related products of the wood industries and wood waste. They can also integrate various biomasses. In addition to estimating availability and the technical aspects of its mobilisation and transport, economic and social constraints are integrated in order to approximate as closely as possible the deposits actually available. All of the criteria taken into account, whether quantitative, qualitative or economic, thus enable the sponsors of the studies to make informed decisions and guide their investment policy.
FCBA offers expert services and solutions in the field of the circular economy, the bio-economy and the environment. One of our main competences is the valorisation of wood and biomass to bring as much added value as possible to each link of the wood chain. Assessing the sustainable availability of biomass is one example of our high quality services.

They trust us

Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Ecological Transition and Solidarity, ADEME

Regions and Interprofessions: Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Centre-Val de Loire, Grand-Est, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France Douglas

Manufacturers: Smurfit, Gascogne, Fibre Excellence, International Paper, Norskog, Swiss Krono, Eon, Total, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations.