Market study: wood co-products and waste

Define the market, assess supply and demand, analyse the project environment... Our experts analyse the market for you.

Co-products and wood waste: recovery markets

For which companies?

  • Primary processing (sawmill, stave mill, etc.)
  • Secondary processing (packaging, furniture, etc.)
  • Construction
  • Biomass fuel supply

For which projects?


Better use of your co-products or wood waste to meet your environmental and economic objectives


The development of a new product from co-products and/or wood waste


An expertise on the valorisation of your co-products or wood waste, necessary in your approach.

What our experts can do for you

Identify outlets for better added value of wood co-products and waste

Analyse the market demand : global evolution, user behaviour

Estimate the offer on this market : global evolution, characteristics of the competition

Assess the project environment : economic, social, technological, ecological, regulatory