The performance of furniture products

For a company, communicating on an environmental aspect of a product is voluntary. FCBA can help you in your approach, thanks in particular to our Eco-Furniture calculation tool.

Environmental performance of a furniture product

For a company, communicating on an environmental aspect of a product remains voluntary, but this communication can no longer be limited to a single environmental aspect. In other words, a multi-criteria vision is required and the company must describe the main environmental characteristics of the product in question using the technical basis of the environmental display, which consists of :

  • 4 sectoral benchmarks (furniture, upholstered seating, bedding and bedding products)
  • ADEME’s IMPACTS® database
  • the Eco-Meuble calculation tool developed by FCBA. A free access level allows any manufacturer to evaluate the environmental impact of its furniture and to compare it to other products

Consumers, for their part, have a positive perception of the environmental label, which inspires confidence and enhances the image of the company that implements it. Nevertheless, there is still a need to educate consumers so that the information contained in the label is properly understood and that environmental labelling becomes a lever for sustainable production and consumption.

To go further

Environmental display training

Our experts are able to train you on the environmental impact of your products. At the end of the training, you will be able to :

  • understand the regulatory context
  • understand the technical basis of environmental labelling
  • calculate the environmental display of a product