Making the use of measuring systems for logging machines more reliable

Making the use of measuring systems for logging machines more reliable
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Logging machines are equipped with systems for measuring the products they shape in the trees to be harvested. In order for them to provide reliable data and therefore useful to professionals, the deployment of clear and rigorous practices is a necessary condition. Several forestry and wood industry organisations have therefore joined forces to describe and communicate the best practices to be implemented.

Agreeing before the start of a forest harvesting site on the volume calculation formula used, ensuring that the diameter sensors are working properly, carrying out one measurement check per day, calibrating the system regularly, etc., are some of the 12 recommendations contained in the tools published collectively by the FNEDT (Fédération Nationale Entrepreneurs Des Territoires), the FNB (Fédération Nationale du Bois), the ONF (Office National des Forêts), the GCF (Groupe Coopération Forestière) and the FCBA Technology Institute.

The on-board measurement systems fitted to logging machines provide information on production that is useful to all those involved in the forestry and wood industry. The dimensional data they record (lengths, diameters) are used in particular to calculate volumes. To ensure the reliability of this essential data (for the management of work sites, associated logistics, etc.), it is necessary to respect certain precautions. The implementation of good practices by professionals will give confidence in these production data and will thus contribute to the competitiveness of the wood supply chain.

The production of the tools, the booklet, the practical sheets and the tutorials by major brand representative of the current market (Komatsu, John Deere and Ponsse), is the result of a two-year project financed by the national interprofessional body France Bois Forêt. A field experimentation phase has enabled us to gather feedback from professionals and to discuss their practices and any obstacles encountered in using this data. The three main manufacturers of logging machines mentioned above were also consulted. This extensive work made it possible to gather all the information needed to draft the published tools.

This includes in particular :

  • sponsors of mechanised logging services,,
  • supervisory and managerial staff of companies carrying out mechanised logging,
  • logging machine operators..

These tools, which can be downloaded digitally from this page, were distributed free of charge from January 2019. Please let us know if you would like to receive them in paper form.