CNEAF Round Table

CNEAF Round Table
Date Le 10.06.2022
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FCBA is hosting the 175th national technical and legal round table in Bordeaux on 10 June from 2 to 6 pm. Organised by the CNEAF, it will focus on the scientific laboratory and legal expertise, its contribution to the demonstration of technical facts

The legal expert, within the framework of his mission, is the conductor of a group of skills which act under his control and responsibility. Within the framework of his technical investigations, the expert can have recourse to the skills of a laboratory in order to establish an analysis allowing him to advance in the search for the origin and cause of a disorder. The laboratory will then assist the expert in defining a technical fact with a view to establishing responsibilities. The expert and the laboratory will have previously agreed together on a protocol and an investigation programme that will be able to provide a scientific technical insight that will enable the judge’s questions to be answered. 

With as speakers 

Mr Gilles TOCANNE, President of the 7th Chamber of the Bordeaux Judicial Court 

Ms Marianne HARDY, President of the 1st chamber of the Administrative Court of Appeal of Bordeaux 

Ms Alexandra DECLERCQ, Lawyer at the Bordeaux Bar, counsel for MAF 

Mrs Elisabeth RAPHALEN, Director of the BIOSENSE division at the FCBA 

Mr Marc GAUTHIER, Engineer, Expert at the Bordeaux Court of Appeal 

Mr Pascal MARTINET, CTBE+ Expert, Expert at the Court of Appeal of Grenoble