Environmental performance of construction products

The specialists of the FCBA Technological Institute are able to assist you in your product performance analyses. Indeed, our teams have the know-how and the necessary equipment to help you in the elaboration of your EHDS.

Environmental performance of a construction product

The 2020 environmental regulation (RE2020) comes into force on 1 January 2021 and is much more ambitious than the current RT2012 regulation. Indeed, it includes the study of the carbon footprint of the building over its entire life cycle: the impact of the products used in the building will be taken into account. The FCBA experts have sufficiently solid experience to support you in your product analysis process.

How is a product life cycle assessment done? Where do you make an EHDS? How do I get my EHDS verified? These are all important questions, as the EHDS will help construction professionals to choose one product supplier over another.

FCBA has :

  • a team of specialists in environment and building economy
  • a team equipped with software for life cycle analysis. They will be able to guide you in your choices and help you to fill in your EHDSs correctly
  • 2 verifiers authorised by the INIES verification programme who will be able to check your EHDS

All product manufacturers are affected by this new approach. As a product manufacturer you will be required to provide your impact results during the design and tender phases. You will therefore be required to carry out a life cycle assessment of your product, which will then be transcribed into an environmental and health declaration sheet. These environmental and health declaration sheets (EHDS) will enable you to demonstrate the environmental performance of your products. The EHDS are verified by an independent third party authorised by a programme.

De-bois is a tool that allows you to access the environmental and health declaration sheets (EHDS), whether they are collective or individual. Its use is useful to the whole profession since, on the one hand, the product manufacturer can customise an existing collective EHDS to the image of its product, and on the other hand, construction professionals can consult these sheets to determine their choice of material according to its performance.

visit de-bois.fr

To go further

EHDS training

Our experts are able to train you on the environmental performance of products and environmental product declarations EHDS so that you are able to

  • understand the environmental issues and the life cycle analysis (LCA) methodology
  • understand and decipher an EHDS and promote this approach internally and externally
  • obtain answers to external requests for environmental labels required by the future RE2020