Testimony of Nieto

Testimony of Nieto
Nieto Joinery: a company on a human scale.

Established since 1990 in Floirac near Bordeaux, we make custom-made doors and windows for individuals and companies. We have a design office, which is used to going right through to the installation phase. Our manufacturing unit is made up of eight people who operate a fully digitised workshop, which guarantees reliability and quality.

Our collaboration with the FCBA Technological Institute dates back to 2008, and even before that we had the opportunity to exchange information on Air, Water and Wind (AWW) tests.

We have carried out several actions with FCBA: the first, with the support of the Regional Council and Xylofutur, was called “Menuiserie performance d’Aquitaine“. Twelve of us, manufacturers of wooden joinery in Aquitaine, got together to benefit from the technical skills of FCBA. For three years, bi-monthly meetings enabled us to improve our skills in order to meet the expectations of a market that is undergoing major changes due to the energy transition (thermal regulations, standards, labels, etc.). In addition to this technical support, the collective aspect of the approach has encouraged the exchange of good practices.

Menuiseries 21″ quality charter

As a result, in 2019, our EURO68 window range obtained the “Menuiseries 21” label. Every two years, FCBA visits us to check our certified range and our quality system.

In this context, we have put a lot of things in place: control of wood treatment, application of our stains and paints.


We are part of the LumiVec group, which is managed by FCBA. This is a glazing technology bonded to a wooden frame for use in exterior joinery. We have been working on the development of a new joinery product for four years in the LumiVec collective design group, which consists of nine companies.

Why did you choose FCBA?

At the time, I already knew the salesman Fabrice Miguel, and working with FCBA was an obvious choice for us. There are links that are created over time.

Our range of windows developed with the LumiVec collective should be ready for sale at the end of the year. It’s a great adventure to create a new window. It would not have been possible without the support of FCBA.

Only large companies with large design offices can afford it.

FCBA makes all their skills available to small companies. We have made a quantum leap. It brings a lot of wealth to have an organisation like FCBA which is better than a design office! I have no technical or technological anxiety.

With FCBA, I have a partner who gives me the answers I need about tiles, finishing, etc. …. This is part of the development of my company. I don’t hesitate to call them. Moreover, it works both ways: given our proximity, we often create prototypes for FCBA tests. In fact, a model of a LumiVec prototype made by us is on display in the FCBA reception hall.

I even accompanied Marc Sigrist, Joinery Engineer at FCBA, to present Lumivec at the Bois Construction Forum in Nancy in 2019.

For those who are not part of a label or do not use an organisation, it is complicated to move forward today. We exchange a lot with the label, we receive a lot of information via FCBA. This allows us to navigate serenely with a clear view.

What about tomorrow?

I’m about to complete the LumiVec programme, what do we do next,” he would ask Marc Sigrist, “finalise the low-carbon wood window with local and recyclable wood, for example?

Philippe Nieto
Managing Director