Durability conferred on wood by lignin formulations

Durability conferred on wood by lignin formulations
DateOngoing project
The DURLIF project financed by the Nouvelle Aquitaine region between 2015 and 2018 validated the interest of using lignin to protect wood from fungal degradation.

Different types of lignins were tested, validating the interest of Kraft lignins in inactivating the growth of wood degradation fungi. The possibility of impregnating wood in an autoclave was validated on laboratory specimens. In parallel, the effect of model lignin molecules on wood preservation was studied with the LCPO.

A validation stage for the use of lignins is now necessary on a larger scale to better understand the wood impregnation mechanisms. The effect of ageing, and therefore of durability, on larger pieces of wood will therefore be studied, taking care to quantify the retention levels of the introduced lignins.

In addition, the study will focus on the use of additive formulations to improve the penetration and retention of lignins in wood, with the aim of being able to propose a sustainable, biobased treatment solution to the sector’s industrialists.


Develop a lignin-based formulation for wood treatment to improve retention.

Assessing the durability performance of treated wood

Have performance demonstration materials

Project funded by the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region