Drying of wood

The drying of wood is a crucial operation in order to put on the market wood of homogeneous quality and to limit the risk of the appearance of numerous pathologies (fungi, moulds, cracks, deformations, discolorations...) associated with a poor control of the moisture content of the material. Poor drying or poor conditioning can block the marketing of wood and give rise to serious disputes.


Diagnosis of the equipment :

Checking the sensors and the different drying organs

Improvement of methods and processes :

Drying table, verification of the implementation of good practices, improvement of wood quality, optimization of drying…

Management of wood conditioning :

Limiting the risk of pathologies related to the humidity of the wood during storage.

Through their involvement in R&D projects FCBA’s experts can keep you up to date with the latest trends in drying.


In addition to drying, regulatory heat treatments are becoming increasingly important in international trade, and their implementation must also be perfectly mastered to avoid ineffective treatments with disastrous economic consequences..


  • Probe calibration services in accordance with NIMP 15 :
    Calibration using a robust method, with equipment calibrated by our metrology department and linked to national standards
  • Advice on the application of NIMP 15 :
    Diagnosis of NIMP15 implementation in your company
    Diagnosis of the equipment

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